NORTH EAST MEET - 26th March???

Ok we need to decide if this is happening ladies!!! From searching through the old post this was as far as we got with planning:

Thursday 26th March - Maybe from about 12 noon although we hadn't got a definite time yet?

Venue: Adventure Point in Darlington the postcode is DL1 4PT and the number is 01325481616 If that is ok with everyone still?!

And on the list to come is:

Craftycharli - confirmed!
Kell2 - confirmed!
Spedshaw - no :cry:
1st baby yippee confirmed!
Mum to 1 confirmed!
Sara1984 - confirmed!

Can everyone confirm for definite so we know who to expect!!!

And is that time and place ok with everyone still???

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  • hello, i'm from north east to and missed the last one due to illness. gonna miss this one to as i'm at college image hope i can come to the next one xxx
  • oh no - sorry to hear that - hope college is going well though!!! image
  • Hey girls I also missed the first one and gonna have to miss this one too as I start back at work the following day and need to get organised, sorry! xxx
  • Hi,
    Went to Adventure Point yesterday and lo loved it! It was fairly clean, had good Ikea highcahirs, food was nice and fairly reasonably priced (tuna and sweetcorn panni ??3.95 with salad and tortilla crisps) and my lo slept for 2 and half hours afterwards as he didn't stop and he's only 8 months old!!!
    Oh and if you get there before 10:30 am (not 100% sure I'd make it that early but for free stuff maybe!) you get a free coffee!
    You have to register to be a member and that costs ??5 then its ??1 or ??2 per child depending on thier age(will check the website for better info than that!).
    But I thought if the M'boro/Darlington Mums register then the Mums from further afield who might not come again or not for a long time could just come in as our guests? Just an idea.
    Anyway hope to see everyone and have a good old natter-I'm def coming by the way!! Bx
  • YAY so glad there will be SOMEONE else coming!!!

    No way I will get there for half10 but will be there for 12ish so I can give Max his dinner there!
  • Brilliant, looking forward to it hun hope there will be more than me you and the lo's there! Am looking forward to another tuna and sweetcorn panni thingie! See you next week x
  • its a yes from me too, looking forward to it

  • excellent - that makes 3 mums and 3 bubbas - hurray!!! Hope there might be more image - anyone????
  • bumping just incase
  • Maybe its just us 3 then? Am going on Monday too-wish they did a loyalty card!
  • maybe you should suggest it! :lol:
  • come on girlies!!!!!

  • hey i can come too!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx
  • yes!!!!!!!!!!

  • can i ask how far from the train station is the place? its gona be imposs for me to bring car seat aswell

  • you might need to have a look on multimap or aa route planner and see how far it is that way?? I don't know having never been there before??!
  • Just had a thought Kell- what stage car seat is your lo in??? I have a spare and if it is the right weight range I could come pickyou up??? Let me know!
  • she has just gone into the forward facing one but can still fit in the stage 1 too

  • Well - I have a stage 1+ which was upto 9kgs or I do have a forward facing one but I don't know if it fits my car but I can try it from my hubbies into mine!

    I will text Linzimc and see if she is still thinking of coming and if I am giving her a lift and then take it from there!
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