Is the born in June forum full of baby dust

Ok alot of the ladies getting bfp are suddenly becoming pregnant, argh im scared to post in there now, To all the junie members pregnant gain please do not sprinkle any my way, i just couldnt cope, maybe i should enforce a sex ban until it passes the forum lol. Mind u i think my OH would cry lol


  • Bloody hell I hope not - it'd have to be super strength to get through my tubes seeing as they've been tied lol!

    Mind you, scaringly my AF has disappeared completely and I'm into the 2nd month with no sign yet - yikes!xx
  • well i would never know, unless i do tests every few weeks as mine has never really come back properly since nov, doctors have done bloods for serious problems and im fine, but they told me to a pregnancy test and tbh i havent im too bloody scared to to it, with all this baby dust flying around and applying for a job, its something i couldnt see myselfing being. i will test next week though as the amount of misnaps i have had with pill and that it is possible x
  • I still havnt had an AF!! but all pg test have come bk neg! (thank goodness) Tracey we have a pact remember!! lol xx
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