Hormones and different sex pregnancies.

I am on my 2nd baby in the tummy, and this one is a girl (as opposed Hugo being a boy first time round) and I am finding that this time round I am a lot more tearful/touched by things! E.g. am watching world cup opening ceremony at the moment, and there is people singing, dancing, giant dung beetle rolling a football and it is making me tear up!!! I know for sure that when pregnant with my boy and also not pregnant at all I would not tear up at this kind of accasion! LOL!

How was it for you guys when pregnant?

Let s see who is more tearful - boy bellies or girl bellies lol!

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  • I have only had one baby so I can't really compare but I had a boy and while pregnant I was not very emotional. So I suppose that supports your theory.
  • I've only had one baby too who was a girl & found myself crying at everything. I remember crying at adverts for pringles!!! My oh was laughing at me, which just made me cry more!!
  • I've got a girl and I was VERY emotional during pregnancy, still am now though!!
    I also had bad morning sickness (which is an old wives tale, but a sign of a girl apparently).x
  • I'm not very emotional but more emotional than normal iyswim? I'm also feeling sick all of the time, though rarely sick and seem to be getting very hairy :lol: What do you think, girl or boy??



  • Sorry, just realised I'm in Baby and not Pregnancy :lol: :lol:

  • Oh rainbow. I predict boy!!! Make sure & let me no when he appears!!!
    Hope ur pregnancy is going well xx
  • Rainbow - I'm going with girl! I got a hairy belly lol, oh so attractive!! x
  • I can remember getting upset with myself because I couldn't find the cucumber for the salad I was making!!! Turned out I'd put it in the freezer :lol:
    So that's a mix of emotions & severe baby brain hahaha x
  • i have only had a boy but wept at everything!
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