Oh No!!

Joshua has had a viral bug since saturday, bit of a temperature and a horrible rash and so so twisty!

Today, matthew projectile vomited all the way down the stairs and up the wall!! I really hope he hasn't caught Joshua's bug!!!

Cant cope!!! xx


  • oh bugger! things are not going to well in your house!! hopefully they will both settle soon
    will keep fingers x for you!
  • oh no! hope he is ok. bloody bugs! xxx
  • Honestly its ridiculous!! Joshua catches everything going!!

    Bless him. Matthew is asleep now but i'm guessing he will wake tonight seen as he brought half his bottle back up!! It wasnt even like baby sick...it smelt foul! OH had to clean it up as i was gagging!! xx
  • oh dear hope they get better really soon for both theirs and your sakes poor little things,
  • Oh you are not having a nice time this past few weeks. Hope things get better for you and the boys are feeling better soon.
  • oh no hope they feel better soon its horrible having 2 poorly kids x
  • Hi.

    Well Joshua seems a bit better and matthew is his usual twisty self but i've been up since half 4 with him. He decided he didnt want to go back to bed after a feed! i am so tired!! xx
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