Awake before the crack of dawn!

Can someone please tell me !! How can i get harri to sleep longer at night? He is waking between 4 & 4;30 EVERY MORNING! its really getting me down he doesnt always cry, hes just wide awake, I dont think hes hungry ,BUT heres the mum has him every sunday night for me and he sleeps later for her!! (until 6) However she does have a different sleep environment to me, when hes at home he just has his grow bag and a blanket. But when hes at my mums, she raises his head, and he has his sleeping bag on and a quilt and blanket all tucked in around the edges all snug. Do you think that he feels more secure with all the blankets tucked in? What sort of environment do you have for your los cott? Is he geting cold at home? Ive made up his cot tonight like my mum does to see if this helps.
Has anyone got any ideas? He goes to bed at 7 and he is 1 yr old on sunday.
Can anyone give me some tips or advise or anything? Im at the end of my rope, he also wakes quite a bit in the night xxx

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  • Blimey, that is early! See if making his cot more comfy works tonight. My mum did this for Lily- gave her a pillow and tucked her up nice and tight and she slept longer. Perhaps Harri is getting a bit chilly in the night? Have you tried ignoring him when he wakes at 4am or do you get him up? Maybe he would have a little play and nod back off- sometimes Evie does this in the early hours. Other than that all I an suggest is making his bedtime a little later and not giving him any attention when he wakes so early.

  • Hi lea, we try not to talk to him or get him up when he wakes but as we live with my dad and we share a room with lo we cant really leave him to cry as it wakes my dad up and he get angry (hes a miserable git) i cant help but think he would be better if he had his own room but this just isnt possible at the monent xx
  • 4am is a chilly time of the morn! Much colder than 1 or 2am!! Could very well b he's getting chilly and waking.......see how he goes tonite, all tucked up image

  • Aw, hope he does a bit better tonight all tucked up- you must be feeling awful getting woken up so often! It must be even more difficult with him being in your room and you being scared to wake your dad. If he does wake up have a feel to see where he's cold- then you could maybe put him extra socks on or an extra layer of bedding.

  • He always feels warm but is he warm inside, like in his body? i dunno, im just grabbing at straws here lol xx
  • Best place to check is his tummy- if that feels warm then he's prob warm enough. I don't know what else to suggest! Maybe he's just got into a habit of waking at that time. Or maybe he's a bit hungry if he doesn't eat much at bedtime. Or maybe you and oh are waking him in night without realizing (not that I'm suggesting you snore lol!)

  • lol, well maybe, i think its habbit but im just praying these blankets work lol please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me xxx
  • we are going through EXACTLY the same thing! dead on 4am jayden wakes it quite scary though last night it was half 3. I have no idea why but img uessing itsjust a phase as this has happened before then all of a sudden it just stopped!x
  • Please god let it "all of a sudden just stop" soon! lol x
  • lol fingers crossed for both of us!!!
  • Lily does this too anytime between 4.30amd and 4.45am. She sometimes just wants a cuddle, but sometimes she wants milk..and it's always exactly 4 oz! I think it is cos she's cold really!
  • Oh did it goes last night?

    My lo has never slept through the night so dont know what to suggest?

    Have you tried feeding him at 4am? Sometimes my lo wakes up, not upset but wide awake and I give her a feed to help her get back to sleep.....
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