how many poo's?

evie has suddenly turned into a poo machine! she normally does 1 a day at the most 2. somedays she goes without one and then the following day we have a poo explosion which normally ends up down her legs!
however in the past 24 hours she has had 6 poosimage
is this normal? she is 7 weeks old and is taking 5oz every 3-4 hours she is on cow & gate
i just cant believe how much poo she is producing, but worrying as thinking her formula is going through her too quickly, she's also been a little bit sick today for the first time.
when babies havve diahorea is it runny like ours or is it just called diahorea when they go more than normal?



  • When Gabe was exclusively on formula it was about 1 a day, max 2. Now he's on less formula and more solids it's more like 3/4 at the moment, but his record was 7 or something! xxxx
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