8 week check and innoculations


I was just wondering whether baby's 8 week check-up and innoculations are meant to be done by a nurse or GP - or does it not matter? I just tried to book Adam's appointment and the receptionist said they couldn't do either as there is no practice nurse?

I asked if the GP could do it and she said she didn't know - but then wouldn't ask!

I think I might need to change surgeries...



  • At Toby's he had both - the GP did all the checks etc and then we went next door to the nurse for the jabs.

    C image
  • Sounds like I need to see both then - thank you! Let's hope they hire a nurse sooner rather than later...

  • At mine dd went to the hv to be weighed and measured, then to the GP for her 8 weeks check and then onto the nurse for the jabs!!
  • we had a weight check with the HV, a physical with the GP and the jabs with the nurse

    we got a card through the post to book ours,

    either the receptionist is being very unhelpful and knows diddly squat or your surgery has never had any babies there??
  • Yeah, that does seem quite strange. If surgery won't do your jabs then I suggest you speak to your hv and she should tell you where you can go.
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