Silver-cross linear freeway pram


  • I have the SC 3D pram so not quite the same.
    I do like it although it's very big when folded.
    I did get a lot of extra free with it though which you might get with the freeway (ie changing bag, footmuff...)
    A good quality pram (3d that is).
    Do you have a Mamas & Papas store near you? They have some very good prams/pushchairs in there (but can be expensive). They are having lots of offers on at the moment. They do a Pliko Pramette which my sister has. That is very good but you have to buy the extra separately.
  • Thanks for your feedback hun, No I dont but will have a little look in line I think. I am off to the baby show this saturday so hoping to try some out. I know I have tons of time but I know it's worth having a real good look aroundimage

    K xx
    17 weeks
  • Yes it will be good to try some out. The choice is overwhelming and lots to think of so it's good you are starting early - lol!! xx
    Hayley x (congrats on your pregnancy)
  • We have the freeway linear and I love it! The chassis is quite big though, so if you drive it would need to be a fair sized boot (fits a focus hatchback, now we have a Zafira)

    Still using the carrycot in lie flat position atm, but its lovely and cosy for lo. Also the carseat clips on really easily. We got footmuff with the carrycot, changing bag. A little footmuff for carseat when its on the pram wheels along with a clip on hood thing, again for when the carseat is out of the car

  • Oh really image I am so pleased you like it, I have not had much feedback on it and most of the other girls are getting the same sort of ones but I have just feel in love with this one.

    K xx
    17 weeks
  • I just wrote a nice long review for you then the site ate my post!

    Basically I said I have this pram and would recommend it. Lo was definitely comfy when out and about and it includes most extras that you need. My only complaint is that the chassis is so big. It wouldnt fit in my car (I have a fiat punto).

    Enjoy shopping!!

  • i love my pram. frame is too big formy wee swift boot but it goes in thee ack seat fine. my only bug bare that i have only recently found as up untilnow have not sat hyden up in it is mine is a nightmare to sit up and then even harder to recline. Am actually thinking of going back to shop to see if i have a dodgy one or if they are all like this!!! Other wise i love it.
  • Thank you so much girls for your feedback. I honestly cannot wait to pop along to the baby show this saturday and give this a good look, I hope they have it there.

    I do for some reason have my little heart set on it. I am not one for too much window shoping already know the Moses , Crib and Cot we would like LOL

    Thanks so much for your feedback image

    K xx
    17 weeks
  • I found I needed lots of practice putting the chassis up and down, but hubby could do it no problem.... think I must have smaller/weaker hands than him!! But once it had been used a few times, it must have loosened up abit and it was fine.... Now its the easier pram in the world - well to me anyway!!!
  • Fiandrup i think yours is a dodgy one. Mine reclines and raises really easily. There is a little handle under the hood and i just squeeze it with one hand and pull up/push down. Takes a matter of seconds. Doesnt even disturb lo if she has fallen asleep sat up.

    MrsT i was the same at first but now its loosened a bot i can do it no probs.
  • def think i will have to go back to the shop! i thought i might have a dodgy on as a mummy i met in hospital and meet up with regularly has same pram and no probs.
  • I have this one and I've been happy with it. It is quite bulky when folded and takes up just about my entire boot (VW golf) - but it does fit. It's not difficult to put up and down, but doesn't seem as easy as some of my friends' pushchairs, and I sometimes feel like I could do with an extra pair of hands!. I like that it is just the one pram body that sort of 'becomes' a pushchair, by sitting the seat up, rather than a separate carrycot - so it's still big enough for my lo to lie flat when he's asleep at 7 months. I find it really easy to sit up/ recline. I also like that it can face towards you or away from you in pushchair mode.

    I didn't have the carseat to go with it, (have a Maxi Cosi cabriofix instead which I really like), but I have felt at times it would've been really useful just to clip the seat onto the frame rather than have to put the whole thing up. The silver cross seat doesn't come with a base though, which is what I wanted. I'm now looking for a stroller to use when I just want to nip in somewhere when we're out in the car.

    We got ours from Boots online, not sure if they still do them but they often have offers and extra points on pushchairs, and 10% off first order if you join the baby club - might be worth a look.

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