How do you fit it all in?!!!

Hi ladies

am feeling so knackered and swamped today I hope you don't mind me posting just for some TLC!!Maiya will be 6 months on the 17th and although she is sleeping much better at nights she is teething (has 1 tooth) and gets so grumpy and was up 2.30am last night.

The thing is I just don't know how to fit everything into 1 day!! she has 5 bottles a day but doesn't like her milk feed interupted so I have to wait a good hour and a half before giving her solids (am weaning). Am trying to puree my own stuff but is a nightmare trying to take it out with us - also the time actually making the stuff!! Then there's her naps. She fights every sleep like the devil. i have bruises all up my arm where she grabs my skin in attempt to get out of napping - and will only sleep on sofa or cat nap in pushchair/carseat if out. I have tried PUPD in her cot in the day and the most after nearly 10 days was a 20 min nap all day. have also tried controlled crying. she does sleep in cot at night.

then there's the housework. I am a typical Virgo and can't cope if there's lots of mess!!!! arrghghghghghghghghghgh. I also have PND and stupid pills seem to keep me awake too!! am back to work 3 days a week in april and dread how knackered i'm going to be already (up 5.30am- back6.45pm). BBlllluuurghghghghghg.

feel stupid really as i've only one child and I know lots of you cope wonderfully with 2 kids or more!!

Just wanted to have a bit of a moan.sorry ladies. thanks for listening image)



  • Dont feel bad at all - I get exactly the same (today being one of those days).
    Nathans a bit older so fitting his routine in is much easier now (he's 9 months) but like you I really struggle if the house is untidy and it drives me crazy trying to do the housework around him as it takes 10 times longer. I work 3 days a week now so its even harder, then yesterday the washing machine broke, aarrgghh.

    What has made a difference for me though is chilling out when he's asleep. I was always making the most of his naps to do housework but now I sit down with a cuppa and BE! although it still bothers me that the house is a mess at least I've had some chill out time, then just do what I can when he's snacking etc.

    Not sure if that helps but at least you know your not alone.

  • Thanks for that image i've just been having one of those days. have taken your advice and sat down with a coffee to RELAX.
  • Hi lynda,
    Just a few comments before i head to bed, didnt want to read and run.
    1) about the weaning. Not sure when you give her bottles, but if she needs gaps is her routine something like...wake up feed , b'fast, mid morning feed, lunch, mid afternoon feed, tea, bedtime feed. This then spreads her milk from her meals. As for weaning, I wanted to do all homeamde, but have given in at times and just given jars as it saved the stress of cooking and meant her tea was delayed by me cooking it. doint feel bad on yourself if you do give her jars. Before i have been lazy the past wk or so, I keep about 4-6 jars at home for the times i need to grab one i.e. get back too late to make her dinner, going out somewhere etc. As for finding time to make ehr meals, maybe when she is having a long nap. Or in the evening when she has gone to sleep, freeze it for another day.

    Housework, I do this on sats when hubby home. I just make sure kitchen tidy, dishwasher on before I go to bed. Tidy the lounge of her toys etc and hoover it now shes crawling. The main rooms I go in, Id rather spend time clearing before I go to bed, rather than wake up to toys everywhere.

    Teething, I so know what you mean. every 3mths my lo gets two teeth. She seems to really suffer.
    My lo used to only slep on me or car seat. I then got her to sleep for short naps in pushchair. After 7mths of getting fed up I tried PUPD and she will now only sleep in teh cot unless really tired. With pupd you need to be persistent. Even if they only sleep for 20mins, you need to continue doing it for the full hour. Ask bedhead...shes good for advice.
    My daughter battles sleep. She will lie down and look as though her eyes are closed, you walk away from her cot and she gets up and crawls to the end of the cot!

    Do you ahve a partner living with you, if so inform him that you are finding things a bit hard at the mo. Maybe he could look after lo on sat while you get to put your feet up or do a batch of cooking to get you ahead for teh next week. Have a nice lie and a bath and some me time

    Someone said to me the other day thast apparently it gets easier with 2 or more children lol!

    This messages is longer than I intended. Just wanted to say your not alone for what you are going through. xxx
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