Milk questions???

Hello, My LO is a good eater and fine with her milk most the time, I was wondering when people have intriduced normal milk to their babies like semi-skimmed milk. She is 7 months old and has semi-skimmed milk with her porridge boiled.
Anyone got any advice?

Thanks Happy New Year to you all

Rachel and Lily.


  • The recomendations are not to give semi-skimmed untill they are two. From 6 months they can have normal milk in cooking and with cereal but it really needs to be full fat as little ones need the extra calories and fat.
  • is it two? i thought it was older than that - i knew they could have full fat milk in their food from 6 months, and have it as a drink from 12 months, but never really fussed about finding out about semi skimmed (just doesnt taste like milk to me :lol: )

    Sorry not much help
  • Yeah it should only be full fat milk, lucky for us as we never buy semi skimmed as it is!
    You don't need to boil it either. But they can't have it as a main milk drink until 1. Just in food before that. x
  • omg!! how bad am i!!! i give jay semi skinned milk with his weetabix!!!!! is it bad 4 them?? i never knew you wasent supposed to give it, omg going shop to buy some full fat milk now. omg could it have harmed him?
  • Taken this from the babycentre website, apparantly this is the department of health recomendations

    The Department of Health recommends that you should not give your baby cow's milk or dairy products until your baby is six months old. From the age of six months, you can use small amounts of full-fat cow's milk in cooking, for example in cheese sauces or custards. Avoid giving cow's milk as a drink until your baby is a year old, because it is too low in iron and other nutrients. Semi-skimmed milk is not a suitable drink for children under two years old, but it can be introduced from two years if your child is a good eater, has a varied diet, and is of normal weight. Otherwise use full-fat milk until your child is up to five years old. Skimmed milk is not suitable for children under five as it is too low in calories, and essential vitamins.

    Hayleyspirit, you won't have done your lo any harm, they just need the extra fat from full fat milk.
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