Ideal age gap between first and second?

Hi ladies,

My lo is 10 months old now and I'm beginning to think about ttc for no.2. What are your thoughts on an ideal age gap?

Thanks x


  • I have 12 months between my two and I love it!! I dont think there is a right or a wrong gap, as everyones circumstances are different but for us 12 months was perfect.

    As one goes out of one stage, the other goes in!!

    Its really nice image

  • My little girl is 9 months now and I am so broody for another, but my oh wants to wait a couple more years :cry:
    I have 3 sisters all within a small age gap, and my childhood was full of fun, so i'd say go for it. x
  • Hi hun.
    I dont think there is any ideal age gap really, they all have their pros and cons. I have 4 and a half years between Abby and Theo but just 10 months and 4 days between Theo and Lily Fay.
    I think as long as you and OH are stable and you both want another baby go for it!
  • I think I'm in the minority here but a gap of 3 years or less sounds like hell to me!

    Personally I could just never cope. I don't want another full stop as I want my own life too and 1 child fits in with that - 2 doesn't. Selfish maybe, but it's just not for me.

    I had siblings and I hated it, spent my whole life wishing I was an only child, so maybe thats why.
  • ive got a 10 and half year age gap..

    it works perfect 4 me. i never thought i wanted more kiddies so thats why theres a big gap. however i dont think i would of coped with a close age gap.

    my little girl adores her little brother, shes almost like a second mummy 2 him. and shes always eager 2 help me. Miles loves her back equally im sure, he laughs at her silly dances ect 2 keep him amused. they r so cute 2gether :\):\)

  • My lo is 6 months and plan to have no2 by the time she is no more than 2 years old. I want them to grow up together and hopefully have things in common.
    Like everyone else says, its what works for you and your family
  • I have 14 months between 1 & 2 and 18 months between 2 & 3. Love the fact that they are growing up together & my boys are like bessie mates image but it can be pretty hectic at times. Sleeping (or lack of for me) being the biggest issue. Would love a 3 ish year gap. That sounds nice.
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