Black speck on tooth??????

Hi girls

as the title says, I think my baby's first tooth has a black line on the top of it! Like where the nerve is...he hasn't cut it yet and it just appeared yesterday and I can only gather that from a few struggling moments before gagging ensues.

I'm devastated to say the least...has anyones babies had something like this only for it to go away? Should I have been brushing his gums?!? Like I say there was no sign untill yesterday image

I'm away to buy toothpaste and a brush right now needless to say!!!


  • Hey,
    You could take him to the dentist to be checked? I think I've heard/read that black marks on baby teeth can be tooth decay or mineral deposts? May as well take him to the dentist early as it's free so nothing to lose?
  • Thanks image I just spoke to me friend who is a dental nurse who says it's more likely bruising and as I can't feel the tooth above the gum yet not to worry untill I see that...phew!! X
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