I am stupid!

Just to cheer anyone up as it's now dark & dreary..........

I put deodorant on my hair earlier and hairspray under my armpits (stung a little)

:lol::lol::lol::lol: :roll::roll::roll::roll:


  • Hee hee. I once went clothes shopping with my sister and realised when I tried something on that my knickers were inside out!

    And another time I was getting ready in a rush to go to my aerobics class and half way through realised my top was on back to front.

    I can dress myself usually - honestly!

    Yes, I am stupid too.

  • lol, my memory is so bad at the mo, I know I can add something silly i've done but can't think of one! (except walking out of a shop with baby food I hadn't paid for....lol)
  • you having one of those days, iv never done that but hubby sprayed shaving foam under his arms instead if deodorant
  • I once went out with my top on inside out!!!!????OH at the time pointed it out,trouble was i had been to a job interview just prior to meeting him for a night out!got the job though lol!!!
    More recently i have swallowed my contact solution tablet and put my pill into my contact solution....that was after a night drinking,and thankfully now i have the all-in-one solution so no more accidents like that!lol
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