how long to drink a bottle??

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Hey how long does it take your lo to drink a bottle?? I'm combo feeding, mostly cos dd is a very lazy eater with a massive appetite. She falls asleep feeding constantly (breast and bottle but breast more so cos its so snuggly) but quickly complains if the food is taken away grrrrr feeding is taking an age!!

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  • To finish a bottle the average is 15-20 minutes. With only FF, we would try upping the teat size if taking longer. I think I started size 2 teats with James at 6 weeks. HTH. xx
  • my DS was the Slowest feeder ever (sounds similar to your LO!) it got to the stage where some feeds were taking 45 mins and that was only a 5oz bottle! i upped the teat size but it didnt improve! i just had to grin and be patient! good job i didnt have another child to look after! even now at 8 months his bedtime bottle can take 1/2 hour as he is very sleepy! We found vari-flo were the best and the more we used them the bigger the hole got which did speed things up a bit!

  • I might have a go- she doesnt seem to suffer nipple confusion and I think the bf is more a comfort thing tbh. She take 45 min+ to feed on a bottle!!

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