I cant stop...

Eating chocolate!! I'm gonna get sooo huge!

I have always been a really skinny girl and now i am finally up to a healthy weight (i've always been really under weight) So you'd thinjk i would start eating properly wouldn't u?

Well no, i seem to be addicted to chocolate. i get the shakes if i dont have some and i ate loads! My teeth are gona fall out! AArrrggghhh! I want some more and i've just polished off a kit kat chuncky at half ten in the morning! :roll:



  • atleast you can eat it and stay thin! i eat a kitkat and gain 3 stone!
  • thats the thing...i am gaining and i really dont want to x
  • Oh.... there's none left in the cupboard again. Off to the shops it is then....
  • mmmmm...........Kit Kat chunky. I nibble all the choccie off the sides first then eat the biscuit. Just about to do internet shopping at Tescos - might have to get one now!!!
  • your not heping me...you encouraging me! if all you lot are scoffing chocolate then i have no option. x
  • Sorry but no help here as i am addicted to choc aswell i have a really big bagof galaxy minstrels in the cupboard i might have to eat after reading this im drooling lol

    but i have an excuse for now as im pg but if i open them now will have to share with dd lol
    vikki xx
  • Congrats!

    Wait til she isn't about and scoff them all yourself...thats what i do. I'm so greedy

    I'm going to the pics tonight and i think i'll get some minstrels...mmmm! Yum Yum xxx
  • Mmmmmm you cant beat galaxy, especially the cookie crumble one they have brought out!!!!!
  • Oooohhh havent heard of the cookie crumble one i want one now lol
    Im waiting for my mam to pick her up as shes going there for the afternoon then i will be a greedy cow and eat them all to myself lol
    Have a nice time at the pics what are you going to see?
    vikki xx
  • Sex and the City and i am soooo excited!! Ben and Jerrys cookie dough ice cream..mmmm...Minstrels and the girls! Great! x
  • ooo i havn't tried the coockie crumble one...ill have to take a trip to the shop in a little while i think... x
  • I'm obsessed with it too! I lost all my baby weight as soon as I had my baby - I think I'm trying to put it all bk on again, haha. Wish I was still preg so I had an excuse xxx
  • Sounds like a good night for you then mummy heather just the 3 things you need lol
    vikki xx
  • Cookie crumble? Hmm, sounds nice. I've been to Tesco today and I forgot chocolate - what is wrong with me? Someone call an ambulance!!
  • Mmmmm chocolate, yummmmmmyyyy. Would I be bad if I asked oh to go to the shop before he goes to work
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