Advice on baby sleeping bags please

Hi girls

You probably think I am really thick but...I bought a 1 tog baby sleeping bag today (Our room temp will not go below 20 with the window open!!). I am just wondering what I should put baby to sleep inside it in?? Usually she wears a baby gro and vest (and kicks off her blanket) but the guidelines just say long sleeve vest. Won't she be cold??

Also, What am I meant to do with the excess material at the end??


Abi (mummy to Sophia 8 weeks)


  • i just leave the end,have u bought the right size cuz there shouldnt really be loads of room.I had one newborn one that lasted grace to around 3 mths and then went in bigger ones.I put grace in a 2.5 tog sleeping bag with short sleeve vest and babygrow underneath and in summer i put her in a 1 tog and depends how hot it is as to what il put underneath xxx
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