So upset :(

Ladies, please help me feel better :cry:

I have just been to visit our new neighbour as she invited me round for a cuppa. Now I didnt really want to go as I find her BF a bit creepy (not sure why) and saw him arrive about half hour before we were due round.

Her little girl is about 18mths and the last few nights has kept us awake screaming ALL night. So anyway I go round and her little girl is very interested in my LO, touching his face and kissing him and at 1st he was all smiles and giggles. Then she started to poke him in the eyes and he got a bit miffed so I said gently "oh, be nice, gentle with eyes" (the Mum didnt say anything to her and the BF was doing puzzles in the corner WTF?!) anyway we were all sitting there and suddenly the little girl just came up and grabbed my baby's face :\( he REALLY cried so much and when I looked it was gushing with blood :cry:

Now, here is the big that really upset me- the Mum said NOTHING! image Not no or sorry or anything. Am I wrong in thinking she should have? If anyone here has a little one of that age would you have said anything to them?


  • oh my goodness ! you are not wrong at all hun she shoudl have prevented the situation getting to that point .. or at least apoologised and told the baby off when it did! hope your lo is okay!! xxx
  • OMG!!! My lo is 23months and he would have been severley told off by me if he had done that to a baby. Not that he would mind as he is so gentle with my best mates 3month old and dares not go near her half the time

    to me it sounds like its the way the girl has been brought up - poorly!! I would have said something to the woman and bf, then made a swift exit not to return for a very long time!!

    I do hope lo is okay honey, and you are within your rights to be very angry
  • I am angry but also very sad that I didn't protect my baby. Also weirdly I feel bad about Hubby coming home and seeing his boy :cry: I know he won't be mad at me but I still feel bad.

    I don't want to see them again!
  • Oh hun, don't feel bad, you can't protect them all the time and unfortunately toddlers can be a touch unpredictable! Having said that it is tottaly wrong that your neighbour didn't do anything about it, I know at 18 months their understanding is limited but at the very least she should have been removed from the situation and told it was wrong.
    Big hugs hun.
  • Definitely don't feel bad as the others have said it can happen in the blink of an eye. Not suprised you don't want to see them again. Max would certainly have been told NO and also would have been told to say sorry to both you and lo! Totally out of order!
  • Don't be sad honey!

    You are right though. I've told Oscar off for grabbing my nephew's face - he's 9 months, Henry was 4 weeks and was told no several times, with his hand pushed away but he waited till my back was turned to properly grab his face. Fortunately there was no harm done, but he got a very stern telling off. Had he been older it would have been a much more stern telling off, and if he'd done to Henry what the girl did to Ollie (at the same age obviously) he'd have had a proper telling off and probably a smacked hand or time out.

    Can't believe the mum sat there and did sweet fa! Grrr!

    Hope Ollie's feeling better today, and that you are too xxx
  • If that was my little girl i would have told her off (basically shouted in her face for something like that) and put her on the naughty step and would have apologised continuously. Luckily Tegan is very gentle with Leo.
    I cant believe the mother didnt do anything at all.

    I hope you are both ok xxx

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  • Oh hun, hope he's OK.
    I know all toddlers are usually curious of babies & like to prod & poke to check they're real I think!!
    However, I cannot understand the mum's reaction - or rather lack of! I would have been moritified & so apologetic if my lo had done that. My friends little girl who's 18mths, is always curious with my youngest (6mths now) and touching his hands & face etc, which I am absolutely fine with and last week she scratched his nose & drew blood....I know it was inocennt & didn't mind at all (baby didn't even really get upset at all!) but she was really upset & told little girl she has to be gentle etc & kept apologising to me......most people would react the same, so I guess this woman isn't bothered about what her lo does.

    hope he's OK now. xx
  • Thanks all, nice to know I'm not being neurotic!

    I am still sad tbh, but am giving my baby some extra love! And have warned him if he ever does the same to anyone I will give him a severe talking to! He laughed at me!
  • My baby boy will be an angel ;\)
  • Shocking, I would have definitely have told lo off, TBH I don't let him too near little babies anyway as he has a tendency of stroking them really nicely (giving me a false sense of security) and THEN trying to hit / throwing something at them so I dont let him too close anymore. He's only 15 months and isn't trying to be nasty, he's just curious.... I would also apologise....Can't believe she didn't!! Don't go round there again in a hurry.
  • aw sorry to ehre this.
    My lo is only 15mths, but im on edge when she goes near los. I ahd a friend round whos baby was 11weeks and I was making sure she didnt get to close etc.
    If I see achildat toddler group push snatch etc and my lo is involved I speak in a nice tone but say what they did was not very nice and not to do it again. I know if i dont thell them nor will their parent either!

    I think its awful the way some parents dont seemes to care. I know one mother at toddler group tries to ignore her childs actions as she is quite bossy, however, she has informed us mums that she is quiet happy for us to tell her off. Its because she doesnt want a confrontation.

    This situation is different. I would ahve swiftly left and I totally understand that you dont want to go round there again...theres no reason why you would need to!

    I had to have a lil giggle...when you saif BF at first I read it as breast feeding being creepy! I understood when you sed bf doing puzzles!
  • Omg thats dreadful that the childs mother said nothing. Cole is into touching peoples faces and saying 'eye, ear' etc and he has poked us a bit too hard occasionally but he gets told off. I'd be mortified if he hurt a baby.

    He's actually quite good with younger kids (my goddaughter is 6 months younger and he's grown up around her) - well apart from pushing my goddaughter over repeatedly lol. They both thought it was hilarious - but I still watch him like a hawk if he's ever near a baby - just in case.

    Hope your lo is ok
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