when did af return?

Just wondering really...
Amber is 11 weeks and 4 days now and all Ive had is the teensiest barely there spotting so far at about 6 weeks - 4 weeks after giving up bf. Not a sausage since then

How long was it before your af's returned if you bottle feed. I breastfed for the first week or so then ff exclusively.

I know Im not pregnant again but we want to start ttc again soon so Im reeeally wanting my cycles to start up again lol!!

xax Amber 11 weeks


  • Hey hon
    I had a csection so not sure if different. I BF for first 3 weeks then FF.
    My lochia bleed continued until 5 weeks, then nothing, then started my period at 8 weeks.
    Hope it returns for you soon! xxx
  • Yeah I had a C section aswell - lochia didnt seem to last that long tbh......
    ah who knows whats going on - I havent thought about it much till recently and now we're nearly at 12 weeks I thought with bottle feeding I would have had some sign of her by now lol!
  • Oh I would have thought so too, are you sure yoru def not? Have you got any cheapies to do a test? If not perhaps book a DR's appt as they will do one there for you - for free! Save you ??12!
  • Hi, I had a c-section 9 weeks ago today & have no sign of my AF coming any time soon. We've only bd'd once since the birth, but I'm now getting a little concerned....I'm going to wait for a few more weeks & will test if I've still not got my period. Good luck & I hope it comes soon!

  • Now that i think about it i suppose i could be pregnant. The last time we bd was the wkend of my dads 60th which was 23rd jan 3 weeks ago. I did a hpt which was negative the wkend before last and just thought nothing more as i thought it was too long since our last bd. But it was 2 weeks whixh if i am pregnant would be about 14 days after ovulation so i could have had a neg pregnancy test?

    Does that make sense?

    Id better do a hpt soon then eh? Ill get one tonight wheb i do the shopping.....
  • Has anyone taken ages for af to return and it did return after 11 weeks and doesnt think i might be pregnant?
    Im starting to worry now because i havent been taking folic acid or expecting to get pregnant again without having to see the consultant again like i did to have amber. I found out since the last time we bd that everything should be in working order so it is possible for me to get pregnant naturally. If we knew that when we last did it we would have been ttc officiaally and i would have taken folic acid and not drunk any wine since lol!

    Has anyone taken longer than 11 weeks to get af back?

  • Hi not much help but I have my first af the now 9 weeks post birth an did bf fisrt week or soon then wwnt on to ff!
    Sorry not much help but let us no how u get on 2night!

  • I was 13 weeks and it can take up to 26 weeks to return (ff) before doc's would think there might be a problem x
  • Mine took 3 months to return after I had baby, thought i could have been pg again straight away, but she arrived eventually
  • Mine took ages to return - had my baby in May, breast fed for 2 months but didn't get AF until December. But I do have PCOS and always had very irregular AFs. However if you have done a hpt and got negative don't worry, it probably just is a bit delayed getting back on track. You probably won't wait as long as me though!
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