will she ever slow down??

i cant believe how fast evie is growing up and turning into a toddler raher than a baby. its unreal. in the past few weeks she has started to sleep through, she moved on from shuffling to properly crawling and will now explore the whole house, two teeth came through, and now she's pulling herself up on the furniture. my god, she's not even seven month. well... she will be on thursday. for anybody else with a LO that pulls themselves up how long will it be before she knows how to get back down? she keeps just falling and if im not quick enough she bangs her head on the floor. it doesnt seem to bother her much and its carpet but i fear she'll really hurt herself. she got a massive egg on her forhead this morning coz pulled herself up on the cupboard then headbutted it. ouch. i wish she'd slow dooowwwwwwnnnn


  • Aw bless her, sounds like she's really coming on now!

    Lily used to fall sideways from standing at first which was scary, but after a week or so she realized it was better to fall on her bum! It took her a while longer to get down properly but she ended up sort of lowering herself down onto her knees.

  • i cant wait til harri starts doing all these things lol.xxx
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