this may sound silly but... crawling on carpets?

Ruby is so very near crawling. She is 6 months old but so so close!
Anyway, she no longer stays in any one place. Since she has been able to sit unaided, I have put down a double duvet sized rug/playmat for her to move around but now she is off that in seconds.
She is trying to touch the DVD player/Sky and holding onto the legs of her jumparoo (when she's not in it).
Now I am paraniod that our carpet is harbouring some really nasty things as all and sundry wear their shoes in here (although I take mine off!). So, is it OK to just let her loose now as I am FOREVER putting her back on the rug.
She is always sucking her hands and fingers you see and I am just thinking that I would never eat anything that had dropped on the floor and therefore, is it OK for her to be doing that. Also, is it OK for her toys to be on the carpet?
We used to have cats but don't anymore...

I told you this was a silly silly thing but I am paraniod about the germs. image

She has only just recovered from a sickness bug.....

What do your little ones do? Where do they play/sit/go?



  • I used to worry about this but as soon as she is crawling its impossible to worry about it because they just won't stay in the same place and definately won't stay where you want them too, lol. I hoover once a day, and not sure if everyone will agree with this but you can't be 100% clean all the time else when they are expose to anything unclean then they might pick up things easier, if that makes sense. Try not worry too much although like isaid i did have the same concerns xx
  • Gabe gets food that has dropped off his highchair on the floor :lol: He is fine. I would waste sooo much food if I threw it away. All his toys go on the floor and most of his toys have never been washed just wiped or swilled if he's been sick on them.

    Truth is, yes your carpet is full of germs. Sure. But you can't protect her forever. Gabe has never had a tummy bug...had a bit of diarrea over christmas but no sickness etc, and he was teething at the time


  • Barney quite often licks the carpet. He also sucks supermarket trolleys (despite all attempts to stop him!), eats food that has been on the floor and grabs the cat then stuffs his hands in his mouth. I figure it is probably good for his imune system :lol:
  • Oh Bedhead, thanky ou, don't get me started about supermarket trolleys though! Mum insisted I put Ruby in her first trolley the week before last and I had to make sure her snowsuit was over her hands!!
    I don't even like trolleys myself (always carry handgel!) and short of milton wiping it, I had no choice!!

    I am sounding very OCDish aren't I?!
  • lol bedhead cam does that with the trolley! im always worried someone will bang into us and his 2 little teeth will get knocked out!!
    i hover in a morning before i fetch cam down cos our big rug is very shaggy and could hide alsorts that he could choke on! but i bet it still harbours loads of germs and theres just nothing you can do about it.
    bear in mind that if they dont come into contact with these germs they will build up no immunity to them. There is such a thing as being too clean
  • Well if you're worried you could hire a Rug Doctor from Homebase or B&Q and get the carpet thouroughly shampooed and cleaned. It's very good my mum and sister used it every 6 months and the carpet comes up sparkling. After it's been cleaned make sure people only wear socks in the house.

    BTW - Ruby is a clever girl crawling so early. Kyra's 8 months and sits unaided and that's about it on the movement front! xox
  • jason's 10 months n crawls everywhere n from that point we've given up!!!
    we've got two cats (one long haired) so it wud take hoovering twice a day to stop the cat hair!! only time we really clean his hands is if there's obv dirt on em, he's eaten sumthin sticky (jam on toast) or if he's tried putting his finger up the cats bum!!!! didnt get it in the but touched!!! needless 2 say he got everything bar nleach put on his hands & a bath before bed!! lol
    part from that it's a wipe down with baby wipes, mainly if he's having finger food & he's been crawling everywhere
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