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So I am very very very loosly following Gina Ford, well I am following her recipies and her advice on what to give and when ie types of foods.

I give LS (Little Sox) her first bottle and then with her second bottle I give her rice and have done for the last week, yesterday I started her on carrot - she HATED it, I tried again this morning as I thought perhaps it was just a taste that she has to get used to and she catagorically refused to open her mouth after the first spoonful went in and she spat it out again, so I gave her her bottle and left it.

So at lunch time I opened a jar of organix root veg and tried her on that and she must have had 2 spoonfuls after many attempts and spitting most of it out.

So my question would be could she be spitting it out because they are "sharp" flavours and she just needs to get used to them, therefore I should keep trying. Or change the veg all together to something blander like broccoli???

I dont want to keep her on the rice for too long as she will just get used to very bland tastes and I dont want to give her dessert before I give her savory.


PS and LS


  • How old is she? I don't mean that in any kind of judgemental way but if they are not ready then they can tend to spit it out. They do say though that it can take a lot of attempts before they will accept a new taste so just keep trying. Offer different things and eventually she'll take something when she's ready. The most important thing though is not to stress about it, babies will pick up on your stress and so will be less likely to eat. As long as she is still taking her milk then she is getting enough nutrients, she'll eat when she's ready. Also maybe offer some finger foods alongside, see if she would prefer to feed herself?
  • i started on just plain potato first to get him used to the texture and then started adding flavours to that eg carrot, parsnip, broccoli, cabbage etc etc it seems to have worked for us so far xxx
  • They say the green veg actually are stronger flavours pureed. However Dylan LOVES green veg, he'd eat his, mine and hubbys portion of brocolli happily strange child :lol:

    Has LS actually ingested some carrot? So you know there not allergic? If so i'd try something different and vary it a little always returning to carrot another day?

    Sweet potato was a winner in our house, as moonbeam suggests try finding something she does definitely like then add things to that?

  • Have you tried mixing the carrot with the baby rice? Maybe doing 3 parts rice to1 part carrot at first, and gradually increasing the amount of carrot? xxx
  • I would agree with dylansmummy, sweet potatoe is a definate winner, as is butternut squash and white potatoe, parsnip, peas and sweetcorn. With my LO I stuck to pulpy veg that had a very smooth consistancy, things like brocoli and peas are much more tricky to get into a smooth consistancy.

    It is tricky to start with, I did what nikkiandneil said and mixed the chosen veg with baby rice to dilute the taste.

    Good luck with it. Don't stress and try to keep it lighthearted as LO will feel your tension and clam up even more - let us know how you get on!

  • oooohh i didn't even think about peas or sweetcorn mrs butler - with the sweetcorn do you use the tinned sugar and salf free and just blend it or do you get corn on the cobs or mini corn, am doing a 'cook off' today so it could be one to add in x
  • We did peas and sweetcorn last night!

    We used tinned sweetcorn (salt and sugar free) and pureed in a mouli (as it is meant to remove the indigestable bits).

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