i feel so fed up

Sorry girls but i just had to get this off my chest, my other half is an electrician and with the current climate his company aren't doing too well and have been making redundancies. Anyhow to stop him being made redundant they sent him working away, jack is 6 months old and it is horrible oh being away all week and doing everything on my own and being by myself all the time. Then last week our car broke down and it was going to cost ??1400 to put it right, we only paid ??1800 for the car and so obviously its not worth doing and so we are going to have to scrap it for next to nothing. We had thought that the redundancy problem had blown over at oh's work and so we got a loan last week to buy a new car but now they've just told him that he'll be getting letter next week basically telling him whether or not he'll have a job. I just don't know what to do becuase although it's our own stupid faults from when we were younger we have loads of debt and my crappy maternity pay won't even cover the mortgage, i just don't know what we'll do if he loses his job and everyones in the same boat at the moment so there's nothing about, especially cos at the mo he earns quite good money and don't think he'd find anything else getting anywhere near what he gets now. i am so upset and none of my friends seem bothered about me, no one comes round, i just feel so alone and im so worried what will happen to us and how we'll provide for jack. sorry to off load all this on you guys i just really needed to get it off my chest cos don't really have anyone else to talk to.

thanks for reading. spec x x


  • thanks so much for replying, i may try ebaying off some of the clutter i have around my house - and might also see if anyone wants my useless car which is now cluttering up my driveway.

    hopefully everything will be ok, i really hope so.
  • Aww hun, I can totally sympathise as a similar situation is hanging over my head with oh job. He's just had an enforced paycut and redundancy is still on the cards, and we have plenty of debts too - who said owning a house was an investment - they're more like bottomless pits!!! image

    I haven't found any answers yet. All we can do is stay strong and supportive as it must be tough on the oh's as they know we are relying on their salaries at the moment.

    Fingers crossed you're one of the lucky ones.
  • my hubby worked for woolworths and lost his job abput 2 weeks before jessica was born. great having him with us for 5 weeks, not good for him cause he enjoys work.

    we took " holidays" on loans/mortgage. reduced the payments etc. ring the companies up and see what they can do for you.

    hubby got a job in feb but was able to get job seekers while he was looking.

    hope things work out for you.xx
  • Sorry about your OH job i think there are a lot of people in the same boat at the moment unfortunatly.

    Was gonna suggest about your car why don't you advertise it in your local paper and maybe ebay you never know someone might want it - I had an old car needed quite a bit of work doing on it put it on ebay and someone bought it to do up


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