FAO people wanting to buy first dollies

i saw some on the tesco website starting at ??5 the other day and ecided to order one of each kind of the my first cuddles range as i figured i wouldn't be too disappointed at that price if they weren't very good, my delivery has just arrived and i'm so impressed with them! i've bought LO a baby born and a baby annabell brother as well as two other dolls off ebay, all of which were at least 12 pounds and these tesco ones are by far my favourite! granted there are a few small bits i will take away so LO doesn't eat them (she will only be 11 months at christmas) but on the whole i think they're perfect for her!

anyways thats all, just wanted to let you know they're worth looking at if you're wanting to buy a dolly but not wanting to spend ??30/40 on just the one! i'm very impressed with them image i also got the little ??4 stroller for these dolls and while it's a bit difficult to put down again it's a ok little stroller too! xx


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