Early morning waking- lo has internal alarm clock !

Hi, Archie is 13wks and in general his sleeping isn't too bad. On a good night he will sleep from 7.30 and only wake once for a feed, anywhere between 3-5am If he wakes earlier he's always happy enough to take his dummy and go back to sleep). But even if I feed him at 5am and put him back down he will only sleep till 6.10 am. He won't take his dummy and settle himself. But if I take him into bed with me he will happily sleep on my tummy, or curled beside me until 7.30.
I really want to stop doing this so it doesn't become a habit (although i have a sneaking suspicion that he's already formed a habit) Also when I go back to work it's not gonna be practical for him to wake at 6 when I need to be getting ready etc.
Gina Ford (don't follow her routine but have stollen bits of advice) says morning waking is almost always hunger, nope sometimes he's just been fed. Or light ocming into the room, nope it's pitch dark until at least 8am(I'm up north in Scotland).
Any ideas ladies on why he might be waking and how I can stop it ? Thanks. Suz xx


  • I would say get a blackout blind but its dark enough in the mornings as it is!

    Gabe has always been a late waker. Earliest is 7am (but rare). Average is 8.15am but this morning he was up at 9.35 image (he was up several times in the night though!)

    No real advice - if you're going back to work anyway I'd be inclined to leave it as it is!xx
  • I also have an Archie (10 wks) who likes my bed!!!
    I think you are doing well to get him through the night in his cot.
    I know 1 mum cured her baby early waking by setting an alarm for just before the normal waking time so she could go to them and gently comfort/ settle them before they fully woke. Also by getting up a few minutes before him you might identify the problem (my neighbour realised it was the farm dogs barking that woke her lo).
  • Have to say Alfie went through a period like this and it drove me and oh round the bend but he has grown out of it. Didn't take too lomg either maybe a month or so. Sorry if that's no use but maybe giving camlo's good ideas a go for the mean time? x
  • Can't agree with Gina Ford on that one!! Barney is similar in that he wakes up when he is ready, regardless of when he was last fed, although luckily for us he prefers about 7.15. I've heard the same as Camlo suggests, that setting an alarm for 30 mins before they usually wake, waking them a bit and then letting them resettle, works, but I've never tried it myself.
  • I really wouldnt worry! If Archie having a cuddle in bed with you gets you an extra hour or so its worth it in my opinion! Theo is the same, he wakes about 6 and comes in with me for an hour before I have to get up for the school run.
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