Weaning - gravy/stock

I'm just wondering what gravy or stock cubes you use when cooking for your baby?

I normally use Bisto granules, Bovril or Oxo cubes but they are all ridiculously high in salt. I'd prefer to change to something so that we can all eat the same thing but wouldn't have a clue. If there isn't such a thing available, then I wouldn't mind cooking for baby separately to ensure he didn't get more than his RDA from gravy!

Any ideas would be gratefully received, thanks xx


  • I used to buy the heinz baby stocks in the sachet -got them in tescos
  • i have been using the sachets of heinz baby sauces and when we can add meat will be using thier cubes, the baby gravy is lush x
  • You can get Boots gravy and stock cubes as well.

    Heinz, which we use, have chicken and beef gravy as well as various pasta sauces, such a pesto, four cheese etc which LO also really likes
  • Are all these special baby ones then? I didn't realise such a thing existed LOL! Thanks, better get shopping xx
  • yeah you'll find htem in the baby aisle
  • Thank you, think I'll have to go to a bigger store, the baby aisle in my local supermarket extends to rice and porridge only!!
  • you can get them fro, boots too x
  • If you'd rather do family cooking and want a non baby alternative, Kallo make a virtually salt free veg stock cube. I think you can get them in bigger supermarkets, but I always picked them up in Holland and Barratt. I never really cooked separate food for DD, she ate family meals or elements thereof from when we started weaning so these were a godsend.

    Bisto do a low salt gravy graunules in the beef variety but I don't know how much salt is in there, I worry less now as she's nearly 4. I have some in the cupaboard, I'll get up and check when I'm not pinned to the sofa by a baby.
  • was also goingt o suggest boots baby stock cubes or kallo low salt ones (usually in the free from aisle in the supermakets)..also u could make ur own stock and freeze it in to ice cubes for baby, just whenever ur peeling veg etc boil the off cuts/peelings or use the water from the veg u've cooked, strain the water off and tahst ur veg stock right there. xx
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