Do babies 'drop' feeds or merge them?

Hi, I've seen lots of references to babies dropping feeds and just wondered if all other feeds stay at the same time and then one is dropped, or whether all the times of the feeds change so they merge together, and in that way they are dropped.

Any advice please? Hugo's night feeds are changing and I'm just wondering if he is gearing up to drop a feed?



  • Hi, I assume you mean night feeds? I think every baby is probably different but we had a 3, 7, 11, 3, 7, 11 routine and ds just completely dropped 11pm & 3am in the same night but then needed to be fed every 3 hours in the day as opposed to 4 hours. Just go with the flow and I'm sure your baby will let you know when he is hungry and you will slowly slip into another routine. Our feeding routine changes all the time with things like growth spurts, weaning, etc.
    Sorry that's not really much help but your baby will let you know when he is ready to drop feeds or is hungry and you'll pick up on that. xx
  • During the night my lo stopped waking up for certain bottles until she had stopped all of them in the night. In the day, I took one away as she was only have an oz! the 2nd bottle she dropped on her own by refusing it. After 5 days of refusals I replaced it with a snack!

    i completely agree with everything alcott has said.
  • My ds just suddenly dropped a feed per week starting witht he 12am,then 2 and so on until he slept through at 10weeks!
    clever little thing x
  • Thanks ladies. Yes, I mean night feeds. Hugo currently goes to sleep at 8pm and wakes between midnight and 1am, then between 3 and 5am then between 6am and 7am. This has changed in that he used to wake earlier for each feed so I thought he would start to merge feeds as a feed was starting to run in to the next one. So it's interesting to hear that babies normally drop them with no movement in time. Well, here's hoping he'll suddenly drop a feed soon (tonight please Hugo!).

    I forgot to say I am breast feeding on demand so no idea how much he is taking.

    Thanks again
  • If you want to drop night feeds i would encourage him to do so. I use the 7, 11, 2, 7, 11, 2 type routine. Both my older kids dropped the 2am feed by 6 and 9 weeks, but i did have to work at it. My eldest son was being bottle fed so i started making sure he was awake enough at 10-11pm to have a good feed. If he fell asleep i would change him and feed him some more. Then at 2am when he woke i gave him water. After a few nights he stopped waking.

    My younger son was BF and after he threw up a whole feed at 3am and settled back to sleep i stopped feeding him. The first night i gave him a dummy and it took 20 mins to settle him back to sleep, the next night it took 10 mins, then he didnt wake again for it.

    Hope that helps

    Gemm x
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