Paige is 14 mths old and she has started biting most people around her, usually when she is a bit p'd off and cranky.

Her favourite target is Hayley, her 4yo sister and this usually happens when Hayley wants a cuddle or when i'm helping her get dressed or brushing her hair etc.

It's very obviously an attention thing, as in she doesn't want to share mummy or daddy at the moment, but she needs to know that she has 2 older sisters who also need mummy and daddy's love too.

Paige starts hitting out or scratching at whoever is sitting in mummy's lap and then drops her head and bares her teeth, and my 2 older girls are a starting to get nervous whenever Paige gets near and opens her mouth, lol.

Has anyone else had this problem and if so what measures have you taken to sort it out??

Thanks, Shell


  • ooo i will look out for replies to this, evie also bites, but ONLY me nobody else image she always comes up for a cuddle, then bits me really hard on the shoulder and giggles. I'm sure she knows it's wrng because it usually hurts so much i yelp and shout at her (out of pain!) to stop. It leaves teethmarks and sometimes bruises image dont know why she does it. I try now to ignore the biting all together or just calmy say "please dont bite mummy it's not nice and hurts" but i know she doesnt understand!!
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