Prams, buggies, don't know where to start!


I'm jumping over from Pregnancy forum. I need some help with choosing a buggy / pram as I'm finding the whole thing a bit bamboozling!

I don't want to spend through the nose for it, but at the same time, I don't mind spending more if it's really worth it. I'm not bothered by the brand name. Want something good quality, adaptable, good design, not too heavy, not too big, etc. Pref a pram that can convert to a pushchair or face both ways etc. I have a toyota yaris so the boot isn't huge, so pref something that will fit in there! Pref one that i can attach a car seat to. I live in London though, so also something that can manouvre around public transport and / or busy streets if necessary.

Anyone have any ideas, and better yet, where i can get it for a bargain!!! I'm not skint, but don't see the point of paying out for something unnecessarily or paying over the odds.

Wondering if you experienced ladies have any advice, reviews, etc??

Thanks very much


  • I agree with Lea Pea - I really wanted my silver cross 3d and loved it to begin with, but regret my choice now! Louise never looks comfy in it!
  • oh thanks for the advice, the silvercross 3d is one on my shortlist!! I will take it off. will go to Mothercare for some advice too and look into the bebe confort loola as well.
    once I've decided i'll check out those websites. Thanks for your help ladies - the advice about the silvercross is exactly the kind of thing I was after - you just don't know til there's a baby in there how good they are!!
  • the good thing about mothercare is that they check to see if the car seat fits in your car and pushchair/pram in the boot too if you can park near it.
  • has loads of info on this sort of stuff - good luck in your hunt for a pram! x
  • I started with a mammas and pappas herbie which I loved but it broke so many times that the shop repaced it with a skate in fudge, I totally love it ,it looks great, is really easy to use and it folds really small mammas and pappas are selling it for ??399 just now it was ??599.
  • I borrowed a pilko pramette and I really liked it in pram mode but it just seemed so big and bulky. Can't comment on what it's like in pushchair mode cos we've bought a bugaboo bee for Archie's christmas. I love it. yes, it's expensive but it's worth it. Only used it in lie flat but it has 3 settings and can face me or face outwards. It's light and compact. More a city pushchair though, prob not best for country walks etc.
    Pramette was good for early days as I felt he was really protected but now I wouldn't change the bugaboo bee. S x
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