elmo Live?????

Just wondering if anyone has one of these, oh is dead set on getting Grace one for Christmas as she loves anything that moves, sings and talks to her lol, Im not convinced tho??!! She will be 9 months when Christmas comes and the Elmo Live says from 18months do you think it would be dangerous to get her one??



  • Thanks upsykayla i may wait until April when its her birthday then
  • i posted the other day we just got one for chloe for christmas. we took her to toys r us to see what she thought and she loves him. oh and it was my hubby that insisted on it, must be a man thing! . i got it from additions, if you havnt used them before put in the code zg430 (i think)and you get ??30 off. bargain!
  • Kara got the laughing Elmo for her 1st birthday in September and loves it. However the Elmo live is brilliant but it is a waste me getting it for Kara as it is too close to getting one for her birthday.
  • my son loved his laughing elmo that he got last xmas but he was quite rough with his toys and one day he threw it and it hasn't worked since so I'm very tempted to get elmo live even though he might be a bit old for it now (he's 2 and a half) but i love it, i want it for me!!!!!
    (he doesn't throw toys anymore, think he's grown out of it - thank goodness!!)
  • Hi hun,
    When I first heard of Elmo live I didn't really fancy the idea of a soft fleece toy having all the machinery inside image BUT one time I was walking in ELC with Sophie and someone pressed elmo's foot and it started talking and blowing kisses. Sophie got so fixed on it I couldn't get here out of the shop. Its got a really cute voice and moves brilliantly. She loved it so much she started babbling back to it. So we got her 1 for Christmas, they tell stories, dance and react to a cuddle. She will be 1 on Christmas and although it says its from 18 months I don't think its dangerous for younger babies. It doesnt have any small detachable parts.
    We were looking for a Christmas pressie for my little niece with my MIL and Sophie. In one shop there was like a whole shelf of Elom live so my MIL switched them all on 1 by 1. They were talking and moving for a good 5 mins;) The look on Sophie's face was priceless but MIL went to the other end of the shop , she thought they gonna throw her out lol image
  • hi just want to say that elmo code works!!! but you have to ring up pay full price then they refund u the ??30 ! my friend has been desperate to get one of these for her little boy but would no pay full price for it so thank u so much for the code!
  • Thanks siandnna iv just ordered it used the code and it worked!!! Im so chuffed!!
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