Eating socks?

James has recently started pulling his socks off and eating them. It started last week when he was in his car seat but now he does it whenever he can! They all fit well and don't fall off, he really has to work to get them off. I've had to start taking them off whenever he is out of sight, which means he gets cold feet, poor boy. Any suggestions, or do I just have a very strange baby?


  • He he..... how about nice thick tights? xx
  • lol, I'd love to see his face when he pulled at then!
  • lol, I'd love to see his face when he pulled at then!
  • Awww, very cute. Riley just shouts at his feet and I have to cover them with a blanket as he gets really cross with them (he'll be the child eating flowers in the playground I expect bless him) Maybe some funky socks which go over the knee to make it harder, lol. xxx
  • evie is always pulling her sock off and eating them, she had tights on today but still managed to get them in her mouth and soaked em,lol. xx
  • Give him some clean socks to munch on so his can stay on his feet!

    Gabe does it too. But he can never keep socks on, cos his feet are so tiny. He is a long, looong baby (outgrowing 9-12 babygros at 6 months!) but has small feet - his dads the same - only a size 7 bless him!
  • evie has always done this, even with shoes on, she will kick/pull off the shoes to get to the socks, hates havin them tucked in with a blanket or anything so unless she has tights on i'm forced to just let her have bare feet which in this weather makes me feel like a bad mummy!

    would your LO wear some soft bottom shoes without taking them off? there are also places that sell trouders with feet in them.... though i have no idea where im agraid! X
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