why are men ......

so bloody stupid when it comes to their mothers????????? :evil: :x :evil:

Answers on a postcard please!

And please don't let Max EVER be like this in future over things involving me! :lol:


  • Go on.....?! lol
  • you sound mad lol hope everything is ok image xxx
  • Because their mothers spoil them rotten...It's a vicious circle! We say we'll never do it to our own sons, but we do :lol:
  • No I don't do it to mine and there is no WAY he is gonna turn out like that - my MIL doesn't even spoil my hubbie she is just a stroppy cow and like a petulant child when she doesn't get her own way - I wish she would grow up shes a f**king 50 year old woman for christs sake! :evil:

    My brothers AREN'T like it as my mum wouldn't let them be! :lol:

    Just my MIL who is an arse really shouldn't blame hubbie but I wish he wouldn't panda to her!
  • oh dear hun ,im never going to let jack turn out like dan(not that he is horrible but just lazy in the house) oh's mum never ever cleans etc and oh doesnt think there is a need for it :\? ....jack isnt 3 yet and already i have taught him how to use the washing machine ,he washes sophia's bottles with me ,empties the dishwasher with me and hoovers when i hoover ,not that im a slave driver image but i want him to be a good husband one day and also i want to be a good mil i will never ever do the things that piss me off about my in laws :lol: ...xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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