Cranial Osteopathy - tell me your experiences

I am after some feedback from anyone who has taken their LO for cranial osteopathy, as (in desperation!) I am thinking of taking my LO for some treatment.

I am sure some of you will have seen my previous posts about George (who is now just over 8 weeks) so I will not bore you all with the details. Basically, I would summarise him as a "grumpy" little man. He cries A LOT (in fact when he is not asleep or eating, he cries to some extent), is generally very unsettled, refuses to sleep in his basket during the day (he sleeps on us, or in baby carrier), has reflux, and we think he has now developed Colic in the evenings - he is "difficult" from 5pm, but then at 9.15pm suddenly seems to get better (I am not 100% sure if it is Colic or just overtiredness, as he is such a bad sleeper in the day).

Anyway. we went to see a Chiropractor when he was a couple of weeks, but in all honesty I don't think he did very much for him, so am thinking about giving Cranial Osteopathy a go - we have nothing to lose and are both getting quite desperate to see some sort of improvement for him (and for our sanity!)

Has anyone had good/bad experiences with it, what did the Osteopath do, and how long did it take to see an improvement?

All advice welcome........


  • I took my lo for 5 sessions because of his colic, which was awful from 3 weeks old.

    His colic went completely at 9 weeks, which is early for colic to disappear and has been such a happy baby since.

    He just used to seem to press my lo's head really and it didn't bother him at all. I would say it took 2 sessions to see an improvement.

    Good luck if you decide to go, things will get better soon I'm sure.

    H x
  • mrsd you have just described harrison and he is the same age - cant give any advice yet but im going tomorrow afternoon for our first session so will let you know how we get on xx
  • We've had 2 appointments now for Alex's reflux and poor sleeping. He loved the first session and it helped that he'd been well fed and was alert for it. Second session his tummy was playing up more, but he seemed to benefit.

    I couldnt say how much its helping as its still early days, it does seem that he brings his wind up better now but since last week we're also trying a dairy free diet so I cant say whether its the CO or the diet thats kicking in to a happier wee man at the moment

    Nic & Alex 8+6
  • My LO is 6 weeks and i would describe him exactly as you have George. We took him for his 1st appt on fri, the osteopath said he had a very tight diaphram which is why he cant bring up wind and gets awful stomach cramp. Over the next few sessions he will be working to loosen in. I have to say fri night he was a dream, but sat and sun he was a nightmare and def no improvement. But today he is having a good day so so far jury is out but i'm just hoping it will work as like you i'm desperate!
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