Raisins as snack

Charlotte's been having snacks instead of milk in the day now for a few weeks. I normally give her something by Organix or some cheese. I've bought some Organix raisins today from Tesco as they said ok from 12 months and she's 1 in January. She's quite good with finger food now but I'm just a bit nervous about raisins and choking. My sister gives her lo's raisins and they love them so thought it would be nice to try lo on them. Has anyone given their lo raisins?


  • My friend's lo is 13 months and has been having raisins since about 11 months & she loves them, they're the only thing she'll eat sometimes! xx
  • I've just had a box to "test" them and they were very tasty so she might not get any, lol!
  • I love raisins too, especially the chocolate variety, yum...
  • Oh don't get me started on chocolate. Have had way too much past few days. I always say don't buy me choccie but people always do.
  • Hi,

    Henry has been having raisins from about 10 months? Perhaps even earlier - he loves them and eats a box a day. Can see why you're nervous - I was the first time but they know exactly what to do plus I think raisins are so soft once they're in the mouth they'll probably slip right down!!

    The only thing I've heard not to give is grapes, even cut up - hv told me to give them but I went on a h&s course and they said that was the thing that caused choking more than any other food?!

    Good luck!! xxx
  • grace has raisins and shes 7 1/2 mths and iv also given them to my older daughter from a young age and hasd no probs,they are a v healthy snack that most kids seem to love! xxx
  • Ollie has only had raisins a couple of times, but has never had a problem with them.
    He loves grapes though and will eat a full pack if we let him (and raisins are only dried grapes)
    i think as long as they've had a bit of finger food they should be ok to have them...

  • both of mine got them as snacks at that age x
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