Quick question about homemade purees

Sorry if this sounds dumb but haven't started weaning yet and all sorts of things pop into my mind!

When out during the day, (ie shopping, in a restaurant) is it safe to feed LO homemade purees cold? I would put it in a sterile pot, and keep it cool. Should I use food from a jar whilst out with no means of heating it up?


  • can u not get a bowl of boiling water and heat it over that
    when out? i've no idea lol millie is being weaned now and i make my own food and freeze it but not fed her out yet!
  • I think it would be as puree in a jar is cold. If your puree has been in the freezer just make sure its properly defrosted. fisher price also do flask for heating food on the go. x
  • I know that if you are out in a shopping town alot of the places that provide food and drink are usually quite happy to warm food and bottles for you if you ask. Personally Iv never done this but Iv been with friends that have. If Im going out visiting friends and family at their homes then I just take what he will be eating with me either still frozen or in the jar and use their kitchen facilities (after asking LOL).

    I have been known to give fruit purees cold as a desert, as long as they dave been stored in the fridge or have been properly defrosted after being in the freezer.
  • i give grace her food cold when out and about most the time as its such a pain in the bum trying to get it warmed up!most places wnt warm it and will only give u some boiling water which takes about half hr to warm it up!lol xx
  • You can give cold or get a bowl of hot water (from wherever you are) and pop the pot into that and then let it warm a little bit. Either is FINE!
  • I will give Louise purees cold or warm it up just a little to take the chill off but she's only had friut or veg purees. You have to be much more carefull if it has meat in it.
  • Thanks very much for all your help xxx
  • this is fine, i do it. only thing is if you've frozen home made purees your supposed to heat them really hot after defrosting and let them cool before giving them to your baby. this kills off any bacteria from the food being frozen! so if iv had food in the freezer id rather take a jar out than that as its near on impossible to get it that hot in a bowl of water in a cafe!
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