Have to go into hospital...

I am going into hospital 2 weeks yesterday to have two ovarian cysts removed that arrived during my pregnancy.
Ruby is nearly 7 months (will be by then) and very clingy to me and I am so so upset about having to leave her (am going in for 4 days in total).
I am concerned about breastfeeding as she WILL NOT take a bottle and also leaving her full stop.

Mum and hubbie will bring her into visit and possibly if the hospital agree, in conjunction with a morning and evening feed but I just don't want to be apart from her. :cry:

Has anyone else been away overnight for more than a couple of days? How did you/your lo cope?

Thanks. xx


  • Well first of all I hope everything goes well with the operation. In the 2 weeks you've got left you could introduct a bottle. Don't give up at the 1st hurdle. Kyra's been bf since birth and is now 8 months. I introduced a bottle at 6 months, which was hard as she wouldn't touch it! It's a gradual process so begin with a little ebm in the bottle put a dap on the end of the teat so she can taste it's mummy's milk. Just offer it 2 or 3 times a day, before her normal feed and she will take it eventually.

    Kyra now takes the bottle (Tommee Tippee closer to Nature ones) no problem. I hope it works. xox
  • Hope everything goes OK- I'm sure the hospital will do all it can to enable Ruby to visit as much as necessary. Perhaps you should give the ward a ring now to explain that you are feeding and perhaps they'll be able to give you a side room rather than put you on a bigger ward. You may well find that she copes better than you think.
  • Hi,
    Am sure the hospital will be fine with organsing visits around your feeds. Think camlo's idea about talking to the ward for a side room is really good.
    Am sure it will all go well and she will be fine too. Good luck hun xx
  • Thanks girls. x
    I will ring the hospital and see what they say. I don't really want her to stay with me as she is now so active and busy and i just wouldn't be able to keep her happy and entertained in a small room in hospital, Having a side room where she could visit to be fed could be the answer though I'm sure. I'll find out.

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