babys first birthday

it will be lennons 1st birthday on the 3rd of june and i am still having trouble of what to get him,we have a trampoline and some cars but things for his age just dont amuse him enough anyone got any ideas of what else i can get him? i'm stuck and the other half ain't much help!!!!


  • Hi. we got Joshua one of them trikes that babies can go in from 10 month? Joshua loves going out on it! and they last until they about 4 x
  • i also got rhianna a trike...??45 from argos and she loves it.
    also got her some books, a doll in a buggy and some other little bits.
    she had so many other presents from other people as well it took 3 days to get them all opened as she kept getting bored of it and was to interested in playing with the paper!!
    we went to the farm for the day with some of her friends from the pn group, it was lovely.
    hope you and your lo have a great day. time goes too quick.
  • doesnt it just,were going to deep sea world (scotland) and hes havin a wee party (4 kids wee) on the sat 7th i would prob be alright if i didnt get him something new most weeks i just like to spoil him bad i no
  • It was Joshua's b'day on wednesday and we bought him an activity table from toysRus which he can walk around, a 5in1 car from MC, a paddling pool, a car dash board for his pram from ELC and a couple of puzzels with chinky pieces. I didnt see the point in buying him a lot cos he just doesnt understand and he has sooooo many toys already.

    We took him to the zoo and had a great time, we had a family party on the sunday before with my parents and this sunday we have another party with the inlaws lol xxx
  • was that ment to say chunky pieces vicky? lmao xx
  • hi. my archie turns 1 on june 3rd as well.
    we have got him a little tikes police rocker bike, tunnel, balls, book, v tech helicopter and some other things.
    really looking forward to his first birthday. got him a blue teddy bear
  • were having a noddy theme birthday and i am just going to make his cake,got a noddy topper from ebay that says happy birthday lennon and noddy figures i'm so excited at organiseing his first party even gave the grandparents invitations(mind you i have also done this for our wedding!!!) i think i have told everyone else what to get him and forgot that we still had to get him stuff and left us with not much else left!! but he will prob just be happy playing with the balloons eh lol
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