i feel i'm not doing enough

hi ladies
Wade is 5months on 1st jan, and i feel i don't do enough with him i play with him on his play gym mat , his sits on my knee and we play with his toys i swing him tickle him and all that kind of stuff. but i feel i should be doing more and don't know what if i'm not playing with him he sits in his little chair and watches his pooh dvd which he loves and doesn't take his eyes of the tv.
he can't sit up on his own yet. so that limits me to what toys to give him.
what does everyone else do with their bubs?
gio xxxxxxxxxx

p.s hope u all had a fab xmas xx


  • I feel like that all the time! Gabe is going to be 8 months soon and we still don't do much. Sometimes he sits on the floor between my legs and we play, other times I throw him around the room (but that's more daddy's job, lol), he sits in his chair & plays with toys himself, lies on his mat, but a lot of the time he is just sat on my lap cuddling! I do feel like I'm not doing much but then what else can I do? Sometimes we read books too xx
  • oh yeah forgot about his books i will give them ago too.. if he will sit still to listen to me. :\)
  • I used to feel exactly the same when Kady was that age. I would sit there and think I was terrible and every other mummy must be doing loads with their lo's but soon realised mostly everyone else was the same.
    There really isn't much else you can do with them at that age so don't feel you aren't doing enough, it sounds like you are doing an excellent job image
  • Have to agree Alfie is 5 months old and we do much the same thing books, playing with toys in his high chair and now we have a Jumperoo I think he'll be bouncing around in that a lot! Am also trying to go out for a walk to the park or the shops so he gets out and about and I shift the weight!
    It sounds like you're doing a grand job! x
  • that will change in a few month babe when he is able to do a lot more x
  • thanks girls for all the replys i feel not so bad now. just took wade to see his daddy at work had some lunch there in the fresh air as sun was out today. xxx
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