Should I wake her up...or wont she sleep tonight?

hello, Im hoping somebody can give me some advice!

I have managed to find a way to get my lo to sleep without her sleeping in my arms...the pushchair!
She usually has 30mins-1hr in the morning and 1-1.5hrs in pm, sometimes 2hrs. Shes been asleep for nearly 2.5 hrs.I know they say. that the more rest they get during the day, the better they sleep at night. the curtains are closed, but its now dark outside, I do have a 100watt lamp on so its not like pitch black in here (no bulbs in ceiling light!) I leave her until she wakes up, or do I wait till she wakes up. If Im leave her, will she still go down to bed at 730-830 or will I be up until 10ish?

thanks for reading, all views welcome image

p.s Im not complaining that shes still sleeping, I just dont want a late/sleepless night tonight!


  • i'd leave her...Neva quite often does this and i agonise over what to do, but when i leave her she still sleeps as normal at night...fingers crossed ! x
  • I would wake her at 5 if she hasn't woken up. Barney normally has between 3-4 hours sleep a day split across 2 or 3 naps (depending on his mood lol) and as long as he is awake by 5.30 he always gos to bed ok at 7.30. He never sleeps for more than 2 hours at once though so it might be better to wake your lo earlier than his 5.30 cut off!!
    If she's anything like my two she'll have woken up as soon as you finished typing that anyway!!!!
  • thanks ladies for your replies. I shall remember that bedhead. I know this qu had been posted before, but the search button fails to find these posts!
    She stirred a couple of times. Managed to clean bathroom empty and reload dishwasher and prepare tea. Thought I better do something useful rather than sit at the computer :\)

    Shes just woken up. . I hope she is like yours bedhead! xxx
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