growth spurt or ready for solids?

for the last week baby has been waking in the night for a full feed. he had been sleeping through for about a month. during the day he has dropped an ounce of his feeds but then wants a little top up about an hour later. yesterday he had a feed and then played for a bit but then an hour later had to feed him a little before he settled. did this three times. he is moaning himself to sleep too and waking earlier in the morning and from naps to have a feed. is this a growth spurt or is he ready to be weaned? he will be 5months next week currently weighs 15lb 6oz


  • Funny you should post this now, was just talking to my HV this morning about weaning. She says the biggest sign is that they start waking for a feed in the night when they have previously slept through. If he is also watching you eating and showing an interest then that's probably what it is.

    The other really interesting thing that she said to me is that the 6 months rule is based on a recommendation by the World Health Organisation and is the recommended average age of weaning for babies all over the world. She said that 6 months may be ideal for a malnourished baby in Africa but that well nourished western babies are often ready for weaning much earlier. The only real recommendation is that babies should be a least 4 months old before weaning to ensure that their systems are ready for solid food! Just thought I'd share that with you all!
  • Hi,
    Have no useful advice but have to say this is exactly what my lo has been doing! He's 20 weeks on Thursday and I'm at a point where his feeding is all over the place when he used to be a regular 4 hour 8fl oz'z kinda chap. Wondered if it was teething waking him up but feel like he's ready to wean so am seing hv tomorrow to get permission. Might be worth talking to your's? Good luck x
  • You don't need permission to start weaning your lo!!!!! They're your baby and it's up to you! I started weaning my lo at 16 weeks (18 from edd - I read the 17 weeks is from edd) I havn't told my hv or doctor.

    tabassum - It does seem like your lo needs something more. You could try offering a little bit of food and see how he reacts - he will let you know if he wants it by his reaction to the food! The theory is that you make baby rice really runny so that is is the same consistency as milk but I find that the runny the food, the more that dribbles out of lo's mouth!

    Do ask your hv for advice, but remember they are only there to advise you and it's up to you.
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