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Rafferty is 6 months old and weighs 20lbs, he has been sitting unaided for a few weeks now. I have a dilemma with the car seat as he is still in the Maxi cosi carrier but i can no longer carry it so it has to stay in the car on the isofix, i have been wondering whether to get a second seat for our other car which i use just as often to save me constantly having to move the base and seat from car to car. I was wondering whether to get the Britax first Class which i can use rear facing a while longer or to get the maxi cosi Axiss an let LO travel facing forwards when he is in h2b's car? i know he weighs enough to be forward facing but it also says approx 9 months?

What would you do?


  • G/c but I would (and did!) go with the Britax as the rear ward facing thing is a safety not a weight issue. My DS is now 5yrs but was always a big boy and outgrew his carrier seat at about 6 months. Despite him being well within the guidelines weightwise to face forwards the lovely lady at Halfords explained to me that their neck muscles are not strong enough to support their heads in the event of a forward facing crash until they're at least 9 months old. We got the Britax one that you mention, he (and DD since!) went in rearward until they were 12 months then we turned them round. Seat's still going strong now!! I'm sure there are now extra guidelines in place and other seats on the market but that's my story!!
  • Hi, I don't know anything about the britax rearward facing seat but just wanted to say I had a car accident (rear shunt) when my son was 7 months old. At that time he was well above the weight to move up to the next car seat but I hadn't got round to getting it. He was still in his maxi cosi newborn seat. After the accident I had really bad whiplash, I could barely move my nexk for a couple of weeks. I was sooooo glad my son was in the rear facing seat because he didn't seem to suffer at all! I hate to think how bad his little neck would have been had he been forward facing!! Consequently I have just moved him up now at 11 months. I would keep your little one rear facing as long as poss! I know it's a pain, I used to really hurt my back lugging little one in his newborn seat, he is such a chunk!!
    Hope this helps
  • We have just got the Britax First Class Plus car seat for our lo, who is 5 months. We chose this seat as it will go rear-facing up to 13kg, which gives us until nearly double her weight now. I would definitely recommend it, lo is so comfy in it & it can be reclined when she falls asleep.

    Mothercare have some for less than ??100 at the moment, if you're not too concerned about colour. We got a good deal from Boots.Com, really fast delivery and advantage card points.

    As others have said, they advise rear-facing until 9months due to neck muscles not being strong enough. I believe in some countries, it is actually illegal to have babies/young children forward facing! Hth xx
  • thank you all for your great advice, i have just ordered the Britax first class on mothercare for a bargain ??94! and free delivery!

    thats that job jobbed!!
  • only just seen this post but yay for your choice!

    my LO went into the first class when she was 10 weeks old and now at the age of 14 months and nearly 27lb she is still rear facing!!

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