Can anyone recommend me a book on Sleep issues? Update

Hi Ladies

As the title says can anyone recommend me a book on sleep issues.

My dd is almost 9 months and it is a constant fight to get her to sleep, she is still not sleeping through the night never has done up at least once or twice on a good night.

Thanks Jen xx

Hi ladies

Just to say thanks for the book recommendation, things have been so much better today with naps and wasnt a fight to get her to bed, so fingers crossed that it continues. Just got to conquer early wakings and sleeping through.

Jen xx

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  • Hi,

    I'd highly recommend visiting
    For ??9.99 you get a book (access to their online version immediately) which addresses all sleep issues but you also get free access to their expert advice on a forum. You're asked to give them your routine and they will look at it and advise further. They helped me with night feeding, early waking and napping. They also offer private consultations should you want a personalised plan to help tackle your issues however I have found the advice they give on the forum sufficient and excellent. You can have a look at other people's problems and get advice from their threads.

    My DS now sleeps through from 7pm - 6.30am. He is 23 weeks old.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks ladies il give this a try and let you know how we get on.

  • yep! thirding baby sleep answers, gods send!
  • Being a bit cheeky here but if you don't ask, you don't get. Any secrets you want to share? We can settle alright at bedtime but I'm struggling with sleeping through and early wakings too!

    Pleased things are improving for you though xx
  • Hi Lawso, I think if you go on to the site you can see the advice given to other people, but if you want advice tailored to you, you'll need to pay up. There's lots of tips on there though!
  • Hi Lawso

    There isnt a secret ,wish there was. It tells you how many naps and how much sleep you lo should be having for their age, also to sort a routine.. Talks to you about CC, PUPD and various other techniques to suit your own situation.

    As i said our naps and bedtime was much easier today but i have still a long way to go. She is still waking during the night and very early in the morning, this morning was 4am! (and if she could that would be her up for the day).

    If only they came with their own wee set of instructions life would be much simplier.

    jen xx
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