Were Adopting..

A male Tabby Cat!! :lol:

& we need suggestions of cool, unusual, intresting animal names - not ones for giving human names to animals..

So Girls any ideas? xx image


  • What about a disney character like....Simba, Stitch, Sully, and so on. lol

    You could think of something that goes with its colour maybe?

    Sorry i'm rubbish too. lol

    My cat was called Pixel.

    Lisa xxx
  • We used to have a cat called chelsea, and my nan had one called tigger.

    my pil have a cat called spike
  • I hads cats when I was little, 1st one called Bagpuss and we just called her puss for short.
    2nd one, Mr Beaujangles and we just called him Jangles most of the time. S x
  • Our cat is called Mosi, which is native american for cat!! We're so imaginative lol x
  • Where did u find him hun? xx
  • In a cat protection legue - just rang them today and went to vist and choose - have to have a home visit and then do all the adoption paper work on thursday! x
  • Tortiseshell cats are all female, tabbies can definately be male, ask mine :lol: Our tabby is very un-originally called Tigger, I do have some friends with a cat called whatnodog, or whatno for short, but they're nuts. I love the name Toast, can you imagine standing outside shouting it :lol:
  • i had a cat once and called it jellybean haha x
  • I just asked my hubby for a suggestion and he told me he had a cat called Seefor (C for Cat) :lol:

  • My BIL has two cats one is HUGO and the other is BOSS lol weirdo's
  • Kipper's a good name!
  • My BIL has 2 cats one is called HOGO and the other is called BOSS lol
  • I used to have a cat called Marmite, whose parents were called Toaster & Gravy!!! The rest of that litter had names like Branston, Nutter, Jelly (was a late walker & wobbly on legs lol) & Marmalade!! Like you, my friend didn't like giving 'normal' names to the animals lol

    We've also had a Peanut & a Banjo.
  • my mum has 2 cats called mittens and morgan. my stepmum used 2 have 2 cats when we were little called pusscat and tubs! sorry not very imaginative but id probably end up naming it after food haha!! toast is good! xx
  • I like the name Toast!
    You already know my two cats have odd names, Tango & Fanta! (both ginger) Hubby had two cats as a child. He called them Pepsi & Coke (both black) xxx

    Cat 18+1
  • Ok cat's names.... i have had a few!!

    First of all SB the tabby cat being only girls is a myth as I have had 3 boy tabby cats so becareful if you get one in the future thinking it can only be a girl!

    Names I have had: (well my cats not me)

    Charlie, Abbi,Chorizo, Tia, Smoky, Gizmo, Lennox, Cally and Milo.....

    I always give it a few days before I name them just to make sure it suits their personality.

    Actually thats quite funny because I have already chosen baby's name!!

  • Also meant to add that tortoiseshell cats can be male although very rare and are only due to a devlopment abnormality in the foetus. xx
  • Right here's a list of names I was thinking of..

    *Sailor (Me stood at the back door shouting Hello Sailor :lolimage
    *Star (which I really luike but Oh is not convinced!)
    *Chaos - prob spelt Kayos
    *Dakota (another I really like! image)
    *Linx (really like)

    :lol: my last cat was called Mookie.. :lol: & I used to work in a vets and you'd get a dog in called Susy Johnson or something & would ring & ask to speak to that 'person' thinking it was the owner! :lol: x
  • My fave out of your list is Simba (sentimental as saw The Lion King in London the day we concieved Charlotte)!!
  • i like Linx and Dexter!! I also like Dakota but think more for a girl...so go and adpot a girl too!! haha
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