My baby girl has Croupe

I had to take Freya to the doctor today as she has developed a bark like cough over the last 24 hours and hasn't really been herself or sleeping for the last three days and nights. I feel so helpless. :cry: There is nothing that can be done for Croupe, it will just get better by itself. I have tilted her cot to help her weezing and there is a bowl of hot water with olbas oil to try and help as well. I have given her some medised, I no you are not supposed to any more, but she used to have it and it helps. She is 13 months old. Last night was our worse night, I ended up bringing her to bed with me so I could keep her up a little bit to help her cough and weez. The doctor said that I should keep an eye on her breathing to make sure she doesn't start to use her stomach muscles. If she does I have to take her back unless its out of hours then I should go to a&e. :\(

I hope all your little ones stay away from all winter nastyness that is about.

Kerry, Freya and Bump


  • Oh hun that sounds awful image I hope Freya gets well again soon and give her a kiss from us x x x
    We all had the nasties last week but nothing serious, just nasty coughs and colds.
    Take care hun and see you all soon x x x
  • Ollie has started with a bad cough and a wheeze tonight - I thought it was just from his bronchiolitis which still hasnt cleared up 100%, so gave him his inhaler.

    Will have to keep an eye on him tonight.

    Its always one thing after another...

    ope your lil one gets better very soon
  • Hello Sarah, long time.
    Oh is now currently sitting in the bathroom with the shower on full heat to try and get the steam to help her chest. He has man flu so not going to be a brill night again.

    Right I had better take over. Night girls.

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X
  • Big hugs to Freya. We've all had a nasty cold here too but hopefully I think we are over the worst. Aoife is still coughing a bit but not as bad as poor Freya! Hope she picks up soon.
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