Baby friendly restaurant - Edinburgh

It is our 1st wedding anniversary tomorrow and me and OH would like to go somewhere for a nice meal to celebrate. Our darling Lexi will still NOT taking a bottle of expressed mik, so getting her watched for a few hours is not gonna happen (just yet anyway) she is now 14 weeks old and still feeding every 2 hours, this is fine with me as I am still feeding on demand. So she is gonna join in the celebrations, which is nice as she is a wee honeymoon baby, but I am starting to panic about finding a nice place to go. As it is a special occasion we would like to go to somewhere other than the normal fast food chains. Can anyone recommend a nice restaurant in Edinburgh where I can bf in comfort and that has nice baby changing facilities etc.

Thanks in advance ladies x


  • Happy Anniversary.

    Not sure how fancy a place your after but what about Brewers Fayre, Lauriston Farm, near Davidsons Mains. Its a child friendly pub, but iv not been since I had my lo so dont know how good the changing facilities are. I hope you find somewhere nice and have a nice day.
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