hannah jones

sorry if this has already been posted

ive just read the article below, and want to say what a courageous young girl this is. at 13, to have so much insight, and to make the decision she has.......

in complete contrast to Baby P's appalling management by the people involved, the Locum dr involved here involved the Social work dept because he felt she was in the wrong. how sad would it have been for this Girl & her family if she had been put in care?

i wish this girl and her family all the love in the world, and hope her last few months are as she plans




  • I totally agree. I was stunned when i first heard about it "isn't that almost suicide?" Then i read through and the poor girl really has gone through enough!

    I can't think about baby p. It makes me sick to my stomach just imagining trying to imagine what goes through someones head to do something like that.

    Bring back corporal punishment i say.

    But i too send all my love to Hannah and her family. I've been so moved by her maturity to the whole situation and wish her the best of luck in whatever may happen to her, and may she die with dignity if it happens.

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