Lotty ladybird playgym broken - help?

Hiya - i have a lotty ladybird playgym from mamas and papas that i bought a 6 months ago that my baby hardly used but unfortunately when trying to put it back into a bag for storage the bendy arch just snapped!

So i cannot use the gym as the arches just fall over. Obviously the arch is designed to bend and had gone brittle as was set up in my lounge for a few months. I telephoned mamas and papas but they just said that I should take it back to the store purchased in but she doubted they wpould do anything! I am really annoyed as also one of the lights has stopped working and she said they will repair the light but i said there is not much point if the reast of the gym is broken!

I don't have the receipt anymore and cannot find the original packaging but i am annoyed as it was 59 pounds and it really just snapped so easily! Now i am really worried about traveling an hour to the nearest store to explain only to be turned away. Anyone have any advice on what i should do or is there nothing i can do? I know faulty items must be exchanged but i have no proof of purchase as to when i got it. Should it be guranteed for a year? Bugger!!! emma x

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