Fan recommendations please

Hi ladies,

We want to get a fan for DD's room as it is sooooo hot in there. We have a blackout blind so don't really want to open the window (it's a roof window) as lots of light would pour in.

Does anyone have any recommendations for fans that are quiet and possibly have a timer on them?

Thanks very much :\)

R & K (10 months) x


  • We have a tower fan & it's.. Ok. It blows a breeze which is nice, but it never cools our room down. We went & bought a wee air conditioning from Argos & it works a treat. Just a suggestion to the fan.

    Sorry, just been informed by oh that it's actually a air cooler cause the conditioner's were too expensive.image

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  • Oooh junglejayne, which cooler did you get and is it any good? Is it noisy? We have a tower fan and it doesnt really do much to cool the room down. Lo is still in with us and our room is above room with the boiler in and it is so hot.
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