Tots Bots and Itti Bitti D'Lish

Hi there

First off, thanks for all the great advice you have given me so far - it has been invaluable. I have another question today, hope some of you will be able to help.

So yesterday I went to a nappacino, mainly to get more info on the Bumgenius. But once I got there - oh my word, the choice, the gorgeous fabrics, the cuteness of the nappies!!!! I came away with totally different ideas about what I think will suit my needs.

I was especially taken with Tots Bots Bamboozle, and also their Easyfit nappy. Then ofcourse there was the Itti Bitti D'lish - they were so snuggly looking and seemed really well padded, which I liked.

So I was wondering if anyone else uses these and if you have, what has been your experience of them (good or bad).

Thanks again ladies. xx


  • Bamboozles are great, really absorbent, but you will need a cover as they aren't waterproof. I've not yet tried an Easyfit but [email protected] heard good things!

    Ittis are lovely, and very trim under clothes, but they're the kind of nappy you either get on brilliantly with or they don't work for you at all, so I'd advise not shelling out on loads before baby arrives. When people don't get on, it's usually poo leakage pre-6m or leaking around the legs that they complain about. I have to say that we love/d Ittis on both of our kids, but they are both long and skinny!

    Itti have also just launched a new birth to potty variant on the D'Lish called the Tutto, so you might want to look into that. They are pricier than the D'lish on a per nappy basis but as they will last to potty training it will be less expenditure overall.
  • We use itti's and LOVE them, like Maenad's children LO is long and thin and they fit her shape brilliantly!
  • We use the bamboozles at night time as they are super absorbant, but they are quite bulky so we don't use them in the day. We've got one Ittibitti D'Lish, I like how it works with the pop in bits and its nice and slim fitting but lo is a bit of a chunky monkey so it is quite small on her already and won't fit up to the weight that is says. I like Bambino Mio pre-folds with a wrap for during the day as they too are quite slim fitting and you can get lots of pretty wraps, I have bummis and a couple of cute ones from Mother Nature website.
  • Thanks girls! The nappy lady recommended the Itti Bitti's to me as she reckons I will have a "scrawny" baby (I decided to take that as a compliment!). But as you say, I'm not going to buy lots of any one kind before baby arrives - I'll try a couple out and see what is best for me.
  • we have 2 tots bots bamboozles and only use them if our bumgenius v3s are all in the wash or drying.

    i loved the cuteness of our 1 itti bitti too but it didnt contain a powerful breastfed poo and she outgrew it quickly.
  • just for a different view, have a look at little lamb nappies and wraps. ive just started using them and they are great x
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