pull & pray??? Stupid OH

OK this may be TMI but had to rant....
We have defo decided NO MORE babies but as Archie has been in hosp hadn't got around to getting contraception. Told OH my breastfeeding could not be relied upon as when he was ill I didn't feed on demand and have had an AF. OH decided my total abstinance rule was a bit harsh so promised he'd be 'careful' but obviously changed his mind and the crucial moment !!
This morning he actually joked about how nice it would be to have a girl (well I think he was joking!!)

Bloody stupid man........good job I'm getting a coil on Friday.

On a serious note -should I test before getting coil fitted if AF was nearly 4 weeks ago?


  • YES! test. You never know... it only takes one swimmer....

    were condoms out the question?
  • No they weren't - just being lazy / stupid (like the post about doing things you swore you'd never!).
    I'll chuffing well kill OH if I see a positive although we've only done it a few times... and I am breastfeeding... and I did wee after.... (pray pray)
  • Check with the docs cos when I got a my coil fitted one of the questions was had I had unprotected sex within the previous 4 weeks!? Dunno why cos I hadn't so they didn't have to tell me more!
  • If you had unprotected sex last night are you sure they would fit the coil on friday? I thought you were supposed to have them fitted just after your period so you know you are not pregnant. If there is any chance you are pregnant you shouldnt have it done.

    Fingers crossed your pull & pray method has worked!!
  • Well I thought they normally did it after a period too but as I was breastfeeding I didn't expect to have one at all. I know you can have a coil if you've had upsi in the prev 5 days as it is used as emergency contraception in some cases but guess I'll have to test to exclude possibility from the once/twice we did it before...
    Doh feel so stupid..... I should know better, I (ahem) advise teenagers on sexual health...
  • Oh dear............fingers crossed you test and get the result you want!

    I thought that you can get pregant while breastfeeding anyway - no periods but still just as fertile?
  • Not sure but I think that you can have a coil fitted as emergancy contraception instead of the morning after pill so I think you will be ok. No idea wher I got that from though so I'll google it and try and find out.
  • taken from nhs direct site

    "However, they may still be able to prevent an unwanted pregnancy by having an IUD (intrauterine device) fitted within five days of having had unprotected sex. This can sometimes be fitted after five days following unprotected sex but they should contact one of the services below immediately:"

    So I think you should be fine. Stupid oh though!!!
  • I thought that you can get pregant while breastfeeding anyway - no periods but still just as fertile?

    Trust me, you still can get periods while breastfeeding :roll: So much for all the benefits of BF?!?!

    Not sure if there is any point in testing because it's not been that long since upsi, would a test give you a correct pos/neg this soon? Maybe you'd be better off putting off the coil until after your next AF and just use condoms in the meantime?

    Corinna x
  • I still got periods whilst I breastfed Kelsie. We had unprotected sex 3 times and he did do the buisness *sorry if TMI* and I got pregnant 2nd time!

    Fingers crossed it works for you! But definatly test!!

  • Just to let you know girls I did a test (in front of Dr), it was neg (thank god) and had the mirena coil fitted today!! She said that cos I am not on my period I can't rely on it for 2 wks so I am wearing 2 pairs of pants, PJ's and a cagool to bed.
  • :lol: Camlo!!

    Did it hurt? Am getting coil next friday and am really scared!!

  • Hehe Garfield cross posts !!!
    Don't worry about it x
  • Not too happy with my DR looking up my (insert appropriate word) either :lol: He's ever so sexy image

    Oh well....lay back and think of England :lol:

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