what does everyone think of this?

hi girls,

i love 'babywearing' and have been using mei tai slings since my LO was 4 weeks old. she is now 16 months old and still loves the slings so i thought i would have a go at making one. its turned out really well and i've been told by many people that i should sell them.

so i'd like your honest opinions (even if you dont like me and normally avoid any posts i make)

how much would you pay for one? the ones i buy cost between ??50 - ??70



getting kisses on that one.

i've also making a snoopy fabric sling and pink bubbles next.

thanks in advance.

beccie x


  • I've got a mei tai sling too and love it. Yours looks pretty good from what I can see, and a nice fabric. I think I paid ??50 for mine, with a slight discount, from the baby show. I don't know how much the fabric cost or how long it takes to make one, but if you can do it for around ??50 and still make a profit then I don't see why you shouldn't go ahead and make a little business out of it. I definately think the best idea would be to go for some good fabric choices, some out there are really boring or really garish.
    If I had any kind of skills in that department I would make baby legs, cant believe that they go for around ??7 in most places!

  • Lovely! I'd happily pay ??50 for one......
  • It's lovely..my only concern is...don't things like baby slings etc have to be thouroughly tested first before they can be sold? And meet certain test specs? Xx
  • thanks girls. got a facebook page now, just search for hollie-bob slings.
    i think i'll sell the first few with a discounted price.
    with regards to safety, i've used stronger stitching than the branded slings and throughly tested it with my 28lb 16 month old daughter, even using it as a swing! but its something i'm looking into anyway.
  • I like them, but I wouldn't pay more than about ??20 for them as they are unbranded/untested (and personally I think slings are waaaaay over priced!).

    Maybe start off quite small, selling them on Facebook (maybe Ebay too?) and then once you've got more of a following you could look into getting the safety certificates (I trust you that your DD has well and truly put them through their paces - but a lot of people wont - especially people who don't know you).

    Good luck with it all, and well done for being so enterprising!
  • As for the strength of them, I am a seamstress. We buy in special thread for the products we make which require extra strength, maybe that is something worth looking in to.
    Looks lovely though image
  • hi, thanks for your comments. i've used uphoistery thread on both stitching for the strength. x
  • It looks fab, what a clever lady,

    i would probably pay ??30 myself but i am quite the bargin hunter and wouldnt pay ??50 for one so i suppose you market would be people who would pay that,

    good luck x
  • There is absolutely no reason to say such a horrid thing as that. People shud be applauded for coming up with new ideas not have that kind of comment written. Up until now I have never seen such a horrible thong posted in reply.
  • dont feed the troll just report the post
  • Also reported. Sleepie beccie i'd love one of these for my fat lump - will send out a message on fb. xxx
  • Also reported it. No need for comments like that on here.
  • Reported! No need at all!

    I think they look fab chick & will share your FB page! xxx
  • Double post!!!!

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  • Guys, please don't feed the troll...

    Beccie I'm a fan on FB, just ignore the negative stuff from people with no place in polite society.
  • I love my mei tai slings (i have two) but i bought them both second hand and paid about ??35 each - if i was buying new i'd consider paying about ??50
    Have you thought about getting people to road test your design via something like a sling meet - just a thought.
  • The nastiness will work against the troll & people will look at & like your page that may not have...it may have done you a favour without realising it! Good luck with this xx
  • who the fecks that norma bloke ????????????
  • Hey bec. Looks great! I would probably be wary about selling them straight off without testing/insurance etc. May sound boring but obviously baby safety comes first. Can i ask how you reinforced the straps to the mei tai body?

    I have paid up to 120 for a mei tai of proven quality and reputation because i know that i can sell it on without losing money on the fsot of natural mamas. TBW etc. The risk i would be taking is the inability to resell due to lack of reputation etc.

    Obviously i know and trust you and not trying to be derogatorary, just constructive.

    Will send you a message on FB but if i find you some fab material will you make me a toy mei tai for Jakes bday? I would do it but dont have a machine!

    Hollie looks gorgeous in there. Really suits you both. Obviousy very cuddly and content. I would ignore the troll because they wouldnt know attatched parenting and striving to provide the best start to life for a child if it smacked them in the face.

    Lots of love. X
  • "who the fecks that norma bloke ???????????? "


    oh i wish this had a 'like' function like on fb, i would def be liking Loz Monster's post about now, its fab! xx
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